Reflecting on educational reflections


Over the course 0f this semester together as a class we have covered a wide rnge of topics in the field of Psychology and Education ranging from technological advances, differing teaching techniques around the world and their effectiveness, metacognition, gamification of education, bullying, creativity in education, extracurricular activities, social media, manners of increasing students retention of the material, bilingualism, and arteficially enhancing students learning and how this influences their education in positive or negative manners; in addition to potential solutions to contemporary education through alternative methods of education such as homeschooling, steiner, montessori schools and the Khan academy amoung numerous other topics.

In my fist blog I explored the importance of enhancing creativity and some of the ideas that Sir Ken Robinson dealt with in his TED talks about the flaws in our educational system. What appers to be clear over the past few weeks is that our educational system is certainly flawed, and there is numerous evidence supporting this viewpoint and yet what is surprising is how little education has changed over hundreads of years and the on size fits all approach is certianly still in use today as it was hundreads of years ago, but what is lacking are realistic strategies and practical methods that teachers can implement and change education for the better.

This image In my viewpoint sums up my experience of education and how it has made me feel, inadequate and unintelligent. Through taking this module at the final stage of my higher education degree, after 16 years of education I have finally felt what I imagined eduation to be like many years before now, thought provoking, engaging, interactive, integrating techonology and social media such as blogs, facebook groups etc and thereby relevant to our lives.

I hope that in the future education will fulfil as I mentioned in my first blog the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) each child has the right to an education that develops their “personality, talents and mental and physical abilities to their fullest potential’. Having taken this module it is clear how frustrating the current flawed education system can be for students but also educators who have tried to implement innovative strategies in their schools, colleges and Universities and are met with resistance and negative remarks. But as Jesse said in the beginning said we are in a sinking ship at the moment with education and things won’t change until we see the water!

With the worlds population growing at a faster rate than it has ever done with the difference between the 6th billionth child and the 7 billionth child born of just over a decade who knows what out world let alone out education system will look like in a few years but for sure technology and the internet will become more important in our incresingly globalized world to communicate, share ideas and educate!

Thank you everyone for an engagaing, interesting semester of ideas, topics,  blogging, commenting, and presenting!


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  1. Great blog Eliza, definitely agree that education needs to be modernized. It is understandable that it is going to be a slow process as actual teaching innovations can be mistaken for fads that will do more damage than good. However this alone is not a reason to cling to old, unsuccessful methods.

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